Thursday, September 15, 2011

A short video course on Social Media for Writers

Some of you are already heavy into all social media. Some of you use one or another of them. Some of you are still scratching your head and saying, "So on Facebook, you post whatever you are doing and then what?" This video gives you some of the advantages and disadvantages of various online media.

Social Media for Writers from Terri Main on Vimeo.

Also, remember, we are still offering free copies of Creative Calisthenics, and if you promise to pass along the offer to others through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, your own blog or email list, we'll add a collection of Carolyn Masters Short Mysteries and a $20 pre-launch premium course upgrade for the new website. 


  1. magic doors and secret passages was one of my favorite fantasies growing up.Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Glad I brought back some good memories. Now, maybe you will write some down. I think there's a hidden door behind that bookcase...

  3. Thanks Terri, just took three pages of notes. Very informative and well explained.


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