Friday, November 11, 2011

Seven Free Books from Writers Digest

Talk about a super-cool offer. Writer's digest is offering downloadable copies of seven novel writing books for free. These are not excerpts, they are full length books that have been published by WD press. The books are:

  • Story Structure Architect by Victoria Lynn Schmidt
  • Write That Book Already by Sam Barry and Kathy Goldmark
  • Getting the Words Right by Theodore Rees Cheney
  • How to Be a Writer by Barbara Baig
  • Complete Guide to Self-Publishing by Marilyn Ross and Sue Collier
  • Hooked by Les Edgerton

They are available in Kindle, Nook, Sony, Google and Itunes downloads. 

This is part of a promotion related to National Novel Writing Month, so I suspect this offer will go away at the end of November. 

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